• All vendors are required to attend a mandatory interest meeting to review all festival, park and city rules as it pertains to the 2020 Juneteenth parade and festival. There will be 3 dates and times offered. You will only need to attend one day. Dates and times to be announced by April 1, 2020.
  • All vendors must be set up in park no later than 11AM on June 20, 2020. If you require street access to get to close to the park to unload your items, you will be pre-assigned a 20 minute load-in time ranging from 7AM – 10AM. Load-in times are assigned 15 business days prior to the event.
  • The 2020 Festival ends at 7PM. All vendors are to breakdown their displays and booths by 8PM.
  • If you are selling ANY items, to include but not limited to any type of merchandise, beverages or food, you must have the required permits from city at least 45 days before the event (by May 13, 2020). Copies of permits are to be emailed to
  • Merchandise, Retail and Corporate Vendors – $300 
    10×10 Space in Malcolm X Park
  • Nonprofits and Community Resource Vendors – $75
    10X10 Space in Malcolm X Park
  • Food Truck/Booths – $500
    Trucks: Space on Food Vendors Row (streets bordering park)
    Booths: 20×30 Space in Malcolm X Park
  • A la carte/ Add-ons
    Additional 10×10 Space – $100
Vendor registration is open until May 31st at the above rates. Any registrations after this date will be charged a $100 late registration fee.
Please note: In addition to your provided space at the festival, your company will be listed on the Juneteenth website “Meet our 2020 Vendors” page from June 10, 2020 – June 30, 2020.
Click here to register:

Food Vendors

  •  As per the food vending regulations of the City Of Philadelphia, Food Vendors will not be allowed onto the premises or to open their vending location without presenting the following documents:

    • A valid Food License issued by the City of Philadelphia

    • A valid Special Event Food Service Operation Eligibility Certificate issued by the City of Philadelphia. The License Eligibility Report (LER) should be taken to the Office of Licenses and Inspections located at 1401 JFK Blvd.

    • Vendors with restaurants must have a current satisfactory health inspection report in order to be eligible to participate in events.

For more information about food vending / food protection, contact the Philadelphia Health Department at (215) 685-7490, and or download and review the forms you and / or vendors may need at

  • All Food Vendors must comply with all City, State, County, and Federal regulations and actively follow all prescribed guidelines for the handling, preparation, sale, storage, and disposal of their food items.


Retail Vendors

  • The sale of items containing tobacco (e.g., cigarettes, cigars, chew, etc.), illegal substances, and illegal substance paraphernalia is strictly prohibited.

  • Vendors will refrain from selling items that may harm visitors or will cause excess litter and damage to Parks and Recreation owned or operated property.  Prohibited items include stickers, air-horns, confetti, silly string, snap pops, and pyrotechnic and incendiary devices such as sparklers, fireworks, firecrackers, and cherry (smoke) bombs.

Vendors must have Philadelphia Activity License and provide a copy 2 weeks prior to event.